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Union Jack Mini Cooper Souvenirs Model (Red) with union jack top made of die-cast metal and plastic parts. It is a pull-back and goes action toy.

Description of the Products:

A charming example of a classic 1690s Union Jack Mini Cooper is this delightful patriotic model in the scale. The reproduction was decorated with the iconic union jack roof, handpainted in the satin midnight blue. The scale model bursts with British charm in both finish and style. The reproduction is a beautiful illustration of the Mini Cooper legend which collectors and enthusiasts alike would appreciate.

The Mini company originally belonged to a UK company that developed the emblematic car. While the Mini Cooper is today one of the most popular names, it was one of the least successful after its launch. BMW finally acquired the Mini brand several times and it led to a strong and successful partnership.

Key Features of Our Products:

  • Boys and girls can play the mini car and learn the various aspects of this model during their playtime.
  • provides an ideal replica of a mini-cooper car for roles.
  • Role-playing is not only fun, it develops their imagination and creativity, it also benefits the children.
  • The London topic on the car roof gives the British Capital a sense of childhood.