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Love London’s Guide Books are so much more than other local guide books. Our books bring history to life, keeping each site in its historical text with different watercolours. As well as, vintage photographs, reconstructed period floor plans & interviews with people who were part of history.

We at Love London Souvenirs offers well-designed Guide Books that have large font size, quality paper, and contain vintage images. We place Everything in a proper way to guide you with everything. If you travel to the United Kingdom, with these books you will be enjoying.

About Travel Guide:

When you’ve just moved into an unfamiliar city and want nothing more than a credible recommendation for a safe and inexpensive place to stay, there’s no guide to beating.

But more and more guide companies are selling some or all of their guidebook material on the Internet. And, this abundance of knowledge makes online travel planning unbeatable. Best of all, additional content from feature articles and travel news to podcasts and guidebook updates can also be found alongside the guide information.

The Love London Souvenirs offers many guidebooks and individual chapters in formats suitable for all devices.